How do the costs at your office compare to other local dental practices?

Typically, our costs align with those of other dental practices in the vicinity. Each dental office sets its own prices, but any disparity should not be significant in terms of dollars.

What dental services have standardized pricing at your office?

We don't have specifically standardized pricing because every procedure is unique. For instance, the cost of fillings would depend on the number of surfaces involved. A filling that requires two surfaces involves a slightly higher cost than one that only requires one surface.

Why do the costs of some procedures vary?

Procedure costs vary significantly because each treatment is customized to meet a patient's specific needs. For instance, a filling is less expensive than a crown. The cost of a crown is higher due to the more involved process required to prepare the tooth, take an impression, and send it to a lab for the crown to be fabricated. A temporary crown is also necessary while the impression is being processed, which takes a couple of weeks.

Can your office help me understand if my insurance will cover the cost of my dental care?

Definitely. We can provide an estimate of how much your insurance will cover and your out-of-pocket expense, on a tooth-by-tooth basis. Most insurance plans cover a certain percentage, but this varies depending on the type of plan you have. We can determine this once we verify your insurance coverage.

If my insurance will not cover the full cost of my dental care, are financing options available?

Yes, we do offer financing options. These include using your credit card or care credit, the latter of which does not incur interest. You can also arrange to pay an amount you can afford monthly or put down a substantial down payment.

Does your office offer a discount for paying in cash upfront?

Yes, we offer a 5% discount on the accounting fee if you pay in full on the day of your appointment. We encourage patients to make payments before their treatment appointment so that we can focus entirely on the treatment procedure.

If you have further questions, feel free to call us at our office at (619) 377-7586. We have two locations, one in Poway and one in National City.